Upcoming Events

Research Seminar
23 January 2019

Genomic data privacy in the age of personal genomics

presented by
Dennis Grishin (Harvard/Nebula Genomics)
Genomic data privacy in the age of personal genomics

16h15 - 23 January 2019, EPFL BC410

26–29 January 2019

Applied Machine Learning Days

Four days of talks, tutorials & workshops, on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world, at EPFL.

26–29 January 2019, SwissTech Convention Center

AI & Trust

January 28 13:30–17:00 & January 29 9:00–12:30

The conference includes a track on AI & trust co-organised by C4DT

25-29 March 2019

Foundation of ICT for Lawyers and Policy Makers

This new C4DT Academy course aims to equip lawyers and policy practitioners with basic and practical ICT knowledge. It will help them understand fundamental challenges of data protection, cyber security, and assess the potential of emerging digital trust technologies.

We can still accept a small number of participants for the beta course that we run in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Past Events

Research Seminar
11 January 2019

Why Johnny Can’t Develop Mobile Crowdsourcing Applications with Location Privacy

presented by
Carmela Troncoso (EPFL)
Why Johnny Can’t Develop Mobile Crowdsourcing Applications with Location Privacy

16h15 - 11 January 2019, EPFL BC410

Research Seminar
12 December 2018

Anonymity Trilemma

presented by
Sebastian Meiser (UCL) and Esfandiar Mohammadi (ETH Zurich)
Anonymity Trilemma: Anonymity, Low Latency, and Low Bandwidth Overhead -- Choose Two

15h00 - 12 December 2018, EPFL BC410

6 December 2018

Security and Privacy of Wearable Devices

A growing number of wearable devices are becoming available. By their ability to measure physical activity and physiological characteristics such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, etc., they constitute a cornerstone for the quantified self and personalized health. Yet, unavoidably, they bring a number of challenges in terms of security and privacy.

10:15-13:00 - 6 December 2018, EPFL BC 410

Research Seminar
29 November 2018

Learning from the People

presented by
Elissa Redmiles
From Normative to Descriptive Solutions to Problems in Security, Privacy & Machine Learning

16h15 - 29 November 2018, EPFL BC420

Research Seminar
14 November 2018


presented by
Ludovic Barman
Reducing Metadata Leakage from Encrypted Files and Communication with PURBs

16h15 - 14 November 2018, EPFL BC410

Research Seminar
2 November 2018


presented by
Enis Ceyhun Alp
RBurnBox: Self-Revocable Encryption in a World of Compelled Access

11h15 - 2 November 2018, EPFL BC410

Recent work by Nirvan Tyagi, Muhammad Haris Mughees, Thomas Ristenpart, and Ian Miers, which was presented at Usenix Security 2018.

Research Seminar
17 October 2018


presented by
David Froelicher
Drynx: A Decentralized, Secure, Verifiable System for Statistical Queries and Machine Learning on Distributed Databases

16h15 - 17 October 2018, EPFL BC410

Research Seminar
3 October 2018


presented by
Bogdan Kulynych
ClaimChain: Improving the Security and Privacy of In-band Key Distribution for Messaging

16h15 - 3 October 2018, EPFL BC410

Dry-run for the 2018 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES'18).

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